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Knit a vacation scarf

Every year when we go on vacation, I find a yarn store and  buy yarn that is handspun or hand dyed by a local fiber artist to make a scarf that becomes a treasured memory from each trip.  This year we went on a quick getaway to Cape Cod. I found a nice yarn store on Martha’s Vineyard called the Heath Hen Yarn and quilt store. The owner Jan, was super nice and had a great selection of yarn and fabric and although she didn’t have any yarn from local artists I ended up purchasing a yarn by Berroco whose colorways are named after Cape Cod towns.Cape Cod Scarf

I had seen a shawl that was knit with a stitch called Indian Cross Stitch so I decided to modify the pattern and make a scarf.  The stitch is done by wrapping the yarn 3 times and then knit the next stitch and repeat across the row. On the next row you drop them all, 8 stitches at a time. You place all 8 dropped stitches on the right hand needle and you slip the first four stitches over the second for stitches and put them back on the left hand needle and then knit them, repeat across the rest of the row. It’s a fun stitch to do and creates a unique pattern.  I labeled it with one of our personalized knitting labels and I include the place and date. When I wear these scarves in the winter I daydream about the summer vacations we have taken.

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  1. I always love to find new patterns for shawls and scarves …. the one you did with your scarf is beautiful … is this the pattern???

    1. Thanks Lynne.The pattern is called Gable wrap and I just cast on less stitches to make it a scarf. Here is the link to the free pattern

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