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What’s in a label?

I have been knitting for a long time and when people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them I make personalized Knitting, Crochet and Quilting labels,QuiltNeedle I usually get a surprised look. I can tell they are thinking “There’s a market for that?”. I am amazed at how many fiber artists don’t “sign” their work. Anyone who knits, crochets or quilts is creating a piece of artwork. My goal is to get every knitter, crocheter, and quilter to add labels to their work. So many hours go into making a project, artists should be proud to add a label to their creations. Think of it as a painting…what if Picasso or Michael Angelo didn’t sign their work? Although you probably won’t be as famous as them, your piece will become an heirloom someday and wouldn’t you want your great, great, granddaughter to know that you made that blanket?

sunflowercrochet2Not all labels are created equal. I have done extensive research and have tested all kinds of processes. If you are buying ones made from ink, make sure they are not just printed off of a printer. Not all material holds ink well. Make sure your labels have some kind of heat application applied. This sets the ink and makes it last through several washings. Also make sure a dura brite ink is used. This is one of the most durable and brightest inks available. Woven (embroidered) labels are also durable. If you are looking for a soft non-scratchy material then cotton labels are the way to go, especially if you are making it for a baby.

Check out our entire selection of  personalized labels at

So go ahead and sign your work! You never know how famous you will become.Pick2


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Giveaway Knitting and Crochet Themed Cards

This week KathesKollection shop on Etsy is giving away a set of 3 of her whimsical fun cards to one lucky winner. il_570xN.490872757_42h3[1] As the summer winds down, everyone is getting ready for school and the Fall, knitters and crocheters are pulling out those projects they left behind for gardening, bike riding, swimming and other outside activities. As the nights get cooler and the sun goes down earlier, it’s time to curl up with your knitting or crocheting in the evening.  Maybe you are getting a jump on holiday gifts or making a sweater for yourself. To get you in the mood Kathe is giving away any 3 cards of your choice. She has several that have a knitting or crochet theme. All you have to do is visit her Etsy shop at, choose your favorite card and come back to my blog and tell me what it is and why you like it. Kathe’s shop is fun to browse and the whimsical drawings will make you smile. Contest winner will receive 3 cards of their choice  packaged, with their envelopes – in a clear, resealable bag.IMG_0038

Contest ends at midnight DST on August 25th and one winner will
be randomly drawn on August 26th using “And The Winner Is” plugin for WordPress.

Kathe2 Enter today for a chance to win: visit, choose your favorite card and come back to this blog on and tell me about it. You must leave your email address to be eligible.



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Our Unique Compact Yarn Swifts are back!

Great new!. We will begin listing our yarn swifts tonight in our Etsy store. These yarn swifts are as much fun to put together as they are to use. I wanted a small yarn swift that I could take anywhere. I looked all over for the perfect yarn swift. I  kept talking to my husband about what I wanted and I kept saying “Why can’t anyone come up with a portable yarn swift?”. I wanted to be able to take it apart and put it in my knitting bag  and take it on trips with me.  My husband, who happens to be a woodworker must have been sick of me complaining because lacewoodunassembefore I knew it he had come up with his first prototype. After a few more tries he designed the perfect compact yarn swift. His unique design consists of 7 pieces plus 4 pins, the longest is just 17″ and  fits in my knitting bag.  il_570xN_226746038

Although I love taking it apart and putting it together, it’s pretty enough to
display as a piece of artwork.  The one he made for me is lace wood,
which is an exotic wood.  Most of our yarn swifts are made from reclaimed
wood which makes them even better.


lace wood





Each yarn swift is hand stamped with Mountain Street Arts signature swirl on the knob.mahoganyclose We have a limited supply of them and they sell out quickly. So if you are thinking about treating yourself to one or doing some early Christmas shopping, don’t delay! Visit our shop at