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Mini Fiber Art

Recently we decided to get rid of our landline. We have smartphones and the only phone calls we received on our house phone were from telemarketers and collection calls for someone that know longer lived at this house.  After we took the phone off the wall there was a blank space where the phone was.  I needed a small picture to hang there.  I love coffee and coffee mugs so I decided to make my own art piece. My husband/business partner is a woodworker and frequently makes frames.  A while back he had made 6 frames that were about 7″  x 7″ and about 2″ deep. It was perfect. I drew a chart for a mug and using stash yarn I finished it in a couple of hours. A little embroidery for the saucer and steam and Voila! Mini Fiber Art. If anyone wants the chart for this, comment and I will post it in a the next couple of days. I am going to do a series of these little pictures as they are quick and fun to make. Coffee cup mini art

I love these frames because you can also display them on a shelf because
they are thick enough to stand on their own. coffeeshelf

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