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Our Labels… Knitscene Accessories Issue!


This month our labels are featured in another popular knitting magazine. This time it’s Knitscene by Interweave Knits. My whimsical bird labels appear on the “Cool Products” page. This is so exciting for us. It gives us lots of exposure and how cool is it to be included in such a great magazine?







Our business has grown so quickly in the last couple of years. It’s amazing to think 2 years ago, my dream of quitting my day job and  working in my studio fulltime seemed so far away. That dream has come true and it’s everything I thought it would be and more. It’s so much fun being my own boss. I feel like my life has so much more balance. I am living a healthier life, exercising every day, eating better and having more time to relax with family and friends. It was a long road to get here,  working 2 fulltime jobs for the last couple of years  but it was worth it.

We have expanded our line to include wedding labels for those special items like bridesmaid gifts, bow ties for your ushers or wedding gifts. Also included in this expansion are custom clothing labels. I had no idea there was such a need for these labels using a customer’s own logos or idea. Customers love the natural look of our cotton labels.  This is the most creative and fun part for me. I love to take customer’s ideas and make them a reality. Below are some recent customer labels I have done either using the customer’s logo or I have drawn the design based on a customer’s idea. Next week we will be giving away a set of custom labels. Details will be posted next Thursday.








This week I received the second installment of yarn from the Kangaroo Dyer’s “Joey’s Yarn Club”. It’s a mix of different shades of summer blues. The skeins are named after birds. Have I mentioned this is my favorite of the Kangaroo Dyer’s yarns? I love the feel of silk running through my fingers and it’s the perfect summer knitting yarn.   I am incorporating it into the tank top I started with the first installment skein. I will have pictures soon but in the meantime here is a peek at the colors.





3 thoughts on “Our Labels… Knitscene Accessories Issue!

  1. Congratulations! This will be a great boost for your wonderful business–well deserved. (Your customer, SchoolSpiritKnits)

  2. I’m hoping to win the labels because I’m starting a new small business making dog collars and leashes. I’m hoping to make some money to help support a local Boston animal rescue group I’ve been fostering for. I’m thinking a smiley dog face with a pink tongue.

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