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Freeform knitting using my yarn stash


March 18, 2015

I have been knitting for 40+ years so as you can imagine I have accumulated quite the yarn stash. When I first started knitting I used Ugh! Acrylic! And back then the acrylic was kind of like plastic…Acrylic has come a long way. The only other option was scratchy wool.  I didn’t start knitting seriously until I was in my 20s and that’s about the time all the “fun” yarns became available. With that said, I have a collection of 30 years of leftover yarn.  I organized all of my yarn into colors and put them in different baskets. My first stash project was a sweater. I took all of my shades of blue and just started knitting. I mixed, weights, textures and colors. I used a basic cardigan pattern to gauge how many stitches I should cast on and for measurements. It was a fun project because I had no idea how it would come out. I bought the glass buttons at a craft fair. Here is the final sweater.IMG_1305







My second de-stash project is a crocheted afghan. I did have to purchase the main color yarn but then I used up several small balls of leftover yarn, again using different weights and textures. What kind of projects have you made using your stash? I would love to hear about them and see pictures


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Update on WIP projects


March 13, 2015

This week I am trying to finish all of my WIPs. I bought a frame for my birch tree art. IMG_1285I love the dark wood on this frame and it makes the trees pop.

I also finished the “O” on my H O M E project and am almost done with the M. The M was a little tricky with all of the up and down strokes but I like the way it’s coming out.


Also this week, Lori from Humble quilts is giving away a set of our quilting labels on her blog. Check out the amazing quilts on her blog and the helpful tips she posts. Here is  the link to enter:


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Knitting Outside the Box


This week I want to share a piece of artwork I knit. I like to knit outside the box and design my own patterns.

It’s that time of year when I am sick of snow and cold weather and  I look around my house and think of ways to redecorate. I try to DIY if at all possible. I have been staring at an empty spot on the wall above our TV all winter. Every night I hibernate in the living room with my knitting and watch TV and every night I think about hanging a picture  to fill the space. It’s an odd size. It has to be a landscape picture but not too tall.  I decided to knit a scene. I figured out my gauge so that my picture would come out the size I wanted.  I freeformed this pattern. I knit the background and the tree trunks and then embroidered the spots on the trees, the branches and the grass afterwards.IMG_1234

Now I just have to purchase a frame for it and Voila!