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Knitting Outside the Box


This week I want to share a piece of artwork I knit. I like to knit outside the box and design my own patterns.

It’s that time of year when I am sick of snow and cold weather and  I look around my house and think of ways to redecorate. I try to DIY if at all possible. I have been staring at an empty spot on the wall above our TV all winter. Every night I hibernate in the living room with my knitting and watch TV and every night I think about hanging a picture  to fill the space. It’s an odd size. It has to be a landscape picture but not too tall.  I decided to knit a scene. I figured out my gauge so that my picture would come out the size I wanted.  I freeformed this pattern. I knit the background and the tree trunks and then embroidered the spots on the trees, the branches and the grass afterwards.IMG_1234

Now I just have to purchase a frame for it and Voila!


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