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Word On The Street…


May 27, 2015

I have been trying to come up with a name for my blog so that I don’t have to come up with a creative name every time I post something as writing is not something I excel at. I wanted it to be related to our business name, Mountain Street Arts and yet be something catchy. So my new blog will be called “On the Street” as in  Mountain Street.

My Irises are finally blooming. They are a little late this year but just as beautiful as always, IMG_1605

I started making a crocheted art piece which I am going to frame. I might develop this into a pattern to sell. It will work for either crochet or knitting. Pictures and pillows with writing on them  have become quite popular in home decor.  I personalized it with our last name and year we were married. I hope to finish it this week as our anniversary is at the end of the week.






I got this awesome dog collar from another Etsy seller in the mail this week.IMG_1597 It’s too cute for words. The shop is Scruffytown Mutts. I love the name and if the name isn’t cute enough you need to check out the dog collars and leashes she makes.  Jennifer is very accommodating and she makes the collars and matching leashes out of very bright whimsical fabrics some of  which  are dog themed like the fire hydrants, fire hydrantssheep dogs and my favorite, the dogs which remind me of her logo.


My dog is now the envy of the neighborhood dogs as he sports his new collar on our walks. Seriously if you are a dog lover or know someone who is you need to purchase one of these fun collars. The hardware is sturdy and they are very well made. Visit her Etsy store at










One of our customers shared a picture with us of how she uses the personalized labels she buys from us. I love the way she uses colorful coordinating threads that match her afghans.  The name of her Etsy shop is GeoffreyAndFlop and it’s named after her 2 favorite childhood toys. She also makes toys and her story is heartwarming. Check out all of her wonderful handmade toys and afghans at or visit her facebook page at There are lots of tutorials to get you on your way to crocheting.


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Spring cleanup results in new planters


May 7, 2015

I despise anything that has vines. so we decided to clean out the woods on the side of house where  vines had taken over. They were wrapped around every tree, weed and piece of grass. I was tired of getting tangled up in them every time I mowed or weed wacked the yard. Someone was going to get hurt eventually and it would probably be me.

So the first warm Saturday we began our project. Every time we thought we had cut enough of a vine  to pull it out there were 10 more attached to it. After spending 8 hours on this project we came across three old rubber tires buried under all those vines and not only did I wonder what I was going to do with all that brush but what was I going to do with these tires. I knew I could bring them to the recycling center and pay $5 a piece to get rid of them. Then I remembered seeing a pin on Pinterest of some old tires turned into planters
so I purchased some spray paint and made them into planters. Of course  I spent more than the $5 a piece to get rid of them but now I have some colorful planters in my front yardtires







I also planted a tree in memory of my mother this week. It’s a lavender  hibiscus tree and I am hoping it will bloom this year.





This week’s crochet project is a runner for a table  It’s a shell  pattern I designed myself. I love the colors because they remind me of the ocean. The yarn is a cotton blend from Valley Yarns at Webs in Northampton,


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My Favorite Vase


May 1, 2015

Many years ago, I bought a hand painted vase, filled it with flowers and gave it to my mother for Mother’s day. I loved that vase and it was hard to part with it. I admired it every time I went to my parents’ house. After a while I didn’t see it any more and kind of forgot about it.  10 years ago my mother was diagnosed dementia and passed away this past January. It was one of the hardest journeys I have been on.  I have spent the last few months going through all of her things with my father deciding what to keep and what to give to charity. Imagine my surprise one week, when my father pulled my special vase out of the cabinet and asked me if I wanted it. I couldn’t believe it. There it was after all these years. I brought it home and put it on my table and have been waiting for the daffodils in my garden to bloom so that I could fill it. I haven’t been feeling well the last few weeks and haven’t had the energy to go out to the garden .IMG_1507 The other night my husband went out to the backyard, cut some daffodils and filled the vase with them and surprised me. What a keeper he is!  This will be my first Mother’s Day without my mother but every time I look at my special vase I will think of  all the memories my mother and I shared together.







The garden is in full bloom. Yay! Spring is finally here! IMG_1505






Also this week, I finished my latest Knitted Art piece for the bedroom and framed it.