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Word on the Street-Crocheting with Wire


August 19, 2015

July slowed down a little  for our custom label  business. We were able to take a little breather and it was nice to enjoy some of the summer because it goes by so quickly. Usually we work 7 days a week  but we  were able to take the weekends off and even managed to go  to Cape Cod for 3 days.

I taught myself how  to crochet with wire. It is not easy! I tried several gauges and several different types of wire. After much trial and error I discovered artistic wire was the easiest. I found using silver plated 20 gauge gave me the best results. I am usually not a fan of silver plated jewelry but I really like the way it came out and it’s not tarnishing so far. I used an I-cord method of crocheting but since I don’t own a draw plate, I ended up hammering it after I finished it. I like how the bracelet and earrings came out but I am going to purchase a draw plate so that after I make the I-cord I can pull it through the draw plate to make it more uniform.

Has anyone crocheted or knit with wire and if so what type of wire did you use and what did you make? Do you have pictures to share? I would love to share them in a future blog. Here are my results:

The last few days it has been hot, humid and in the 90’s so it’s been hard to be motivated to knit a Christmas stocking for a client. There’s nothing like knitting with wool in the heat of summer…but it has to get done before our fall holiday rush begins.  At least it’s a portable project. Here is my progress so far:








I am also working on a wall hanging. It’s a pattern called Olympic Baby Blanket which features a textured tree pattern and I am going to frame it. I am knitting it in purple variegated  cotton from my yarn stash and will post pictures in my next post.

Happy knitting and crocheting and enjoy these last couple of weeks of summer!





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