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Summer Breeze cover up


I knit this cutie on the fly. I didn’t have a pattern but I knew I wanted a mesh like pattern. It was definitely free form knitting. I cast on what I thought would be wide enough and just knit away. IMG_4662  The yarn is a lace weight Pima Cotton/Silk blend from Wildwood Yarns. It has a wonderful drape and isn’t too heavy. It’s perfect to throw on over my bathing suit to go to the beach or pool.

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Summer Knitting and Crocheting


June and July are my favorite months. Our label business slows down a bit and I have time to breathe and be creative. Here are a few of the projects I have been working on.

I have had my eye on some crocheted wire jewelry kits from  Yoola design for a while. I finally purchased one and  I am addicted. She uses a technique called ISK (Invisible Spool Knitting). It reminds me of the spool knitting I did when I was a kid except you use a crochet hook and the technique is brilliant. It does take some practice but by the 3rd bracelet my stitches were coming out even.  It’s very relaxing and portable so I can take it anywhere and work on it. It’s a great summertime hobby.

This is the first bracelet which I made for a graduation gift.
It’s made from silver filled wire and I purchased the charm from Amazon.









This necklace is also made from silver filled wire. After my mother passed away,  I was going through her jewelry and found my favorite earrings except one was missing. I looked everywhere but never found it.  I added the single earring as a charm to this necklace and creIMG_4665 IMG_4666ated  heirloom keepsake.








This is my third bracelet and I am keeping it for myself.








If you have a chance, check out all of Yoola’s designs at