Order Labels from our Etsy store.


To order our clothing labels please visit our
Etsy store at  mountainstreetarts.etsy.com 

as we no longer sell them on this site.

What makes our labels different from other label companies? They are all designed by me. We don’t use clip art. I create our stock designs so every time you order labels it’s like getting a little piece of original artwork. Or, if you would rather use your own logo we can print that too. I have over 25 years of graphic arts experience so your logo will look it’s best on your labels. Putting a custom label in a garment takes it from looking homemade to making it look professionally handmade .

Our labels are simple, yet sophisticated so they don’t overwhelm the garment you are sewing it into. Our look is Natural and Simple

The heat set process and high end cotton we use makes our labels fade proof and last longer than labels that are just printed on an inkjet printer. All of our custom clothing labels are machine washable and dryable and don’t bleed or unravel . They get softer each time they are washed. Ironing them is not necessary or recommended but if ironing is desired please use lowest setting on iron after the label is sewn in.

We offer 2 types of cotton:

Cotton Twill-herringbone Texture

100% Cotton twill which is our softest label and perfect for children’s and baby’s clothing. It has a bit of a herringbone texture on it and works well with simple logos. The 2 long edges are finished and the 2 shorter edges need to be turned under or sewn into a seam before sewing in garment to prevent fraying

100% Organic Cotton

100% Organic Cotton twill which is a smoother cotton and is best for detailed logos. It is a sturdy label meant to last the life of the garment. The fabric is cut on the bias so the edges don’t fray and can be sewn down as is. This label gets softer each time it’s washed.

We also offer size labels

Size Labels

and care labels