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Introducing our new line of Hand Knit Pillow Patterns. 

homefinishedPillows are so popular right now. Modern and simple describes our new line of patterns. Each pattern only uses 2-4 colors and is knit using the intarsia method of colorwork. They fit a 16″ pillow form.    The covers button at the bottom so they are interchangable which means you  can change your home decor when the need arises.

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Pillow Pattern HOME

Pattern is for design shown on front of pillow. Back of pillow is a 16 x 16 1/2″ square piece of material.  *Optional knit back pattern is included.

170 yards of worsted weight yarn for front
150 yards of worsted weight yarn for back*
75 yards of bone worsted weight Yarn
5 yards of red worsted weight yarn
16 x 16 1/2″ piece of cotton or wool material for back*
16″ Pillow form
yarn bobbins
Size 5 needles
3 1 1/2″ buttons
darning needle
sewing thread


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