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Knitting and Crochet themed cards

I found the perfect Knitting and Crochet themed note cards on Etsy in a shop called KathesKollection ( She has a large assortment of themed cards and prints. Whether you knit, crochet, dance or are a cat or dog lover, you are sure to find a note card to suit your needs. Every time I visit her site she has added more cards and prints. As a knitter I couldn’t resist the card that features a girl sitting in a comfy chair knitting with her dog by her side (hey, he looks just like my dog Bailey!).IMG_0038 That’s because it is. Kathe is a friend of mine and she designed this card after me. Every night at my house that’s a very familiar scene. After working 2 jobs, I finally sit down around 9 pm with Bailey by my side and I knit to unwind from the hectic day. I bought 2 sets of cards, one with and one without the words “Thank you” on the front. I love sending notes on them and anyone who knows me realizes it’s a part of me on the card.  When I received the 2 sets of cards they came beautifully packaged with a yarn bow, another nice touch. I also ordered a print to hang in my studio.  Kathe is a talented artist and she is very accommodating. Her store is fun and will make you smile looking at all her whimsical drawings. They make great gifts as well. Here is more of what you will find when you visit her shop.

Visit her shop today.






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