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Spring cleanup results in new planters


May 7, 2015

I despise anything that has vines. so we decided to clean out the woods on the side of house where  vines had taken over. They were wrapped around every tree, weed and piece of grass. I was tired of getting tangled up in them every time I mowed or weed wacked the yard. Someone was going to get hurt eventually and it would probably be me.

So the first warm Saturday we began our project. Every time we thought we had cut enough of a vine  to pull it out there were 10 more attached to it. After spending 8 hours on this project we came across three old rubber tires buried under all those vines and not only did I wonder what I was going to do with all that brush but what was I going to do with these tires. I knew I could bring them to the recycling center and pay $5 a piece to get rid of them. Then I remembered seeing a pin on Pinterest of some old tires turned into planters
so I purchased some spray paint and made them into planters. Of course  I spent more than the $5 a piece to get rid of them but now I have some colorful planters in my front yardtires







I also planted a tree in memory of my mother this week. It’s a lavender  hibiscus tree and I am hoping it will bloom this year.





This week’s crochet project is a runner for a table  It’s a shell  pattern I designed myself. I love the colors because they remind me of the ocean. The yarn is a cotton blend from Valley Yarns at Webs in Northampton,