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Who’s that doggy on the pillow?


Most people know by now that my dog Bailey is very spoiled. In fact when you google “Mountain Street Arts” his picture comes up in images for that search.

Now that my son is grown, there is no one to baby and take care of, so our dog fills that void in my life and he loves the attention. He is adorable and I wanted to have something in the house with his picture on it other than the framed pictures I have scattered about. I love to rughook and I hadn’t done it in a few years so I thought I would make a pillow in his honor. Yes, a pillow for Prince Bailey.  I printed out my favorite picture of him on transfer paper IMG_0040and transferred it to  a piece of burlap using a heat press. I had to use a very loose weave of fabric as the transfer paper leaves a residue on the the material that somewhat fills in the holes. I had done this process before on a piece of regular rug hooking material and it was difficult to stick the hook through the material. The burlap worked out much better.

Rughooking is a great way to use up some of my yarn stash. The whole project went pretty quickly.IMG_1185

I like to use a cotton backing on my pillows, even the ones I knit. All it needs now is a rughooking label. Our labels add the finishing touch to any project.rughook3 Check them out at or

The last couple of months have been frigid. I don’t think it’s been above 20 degrees. I have been staying in cuddling up by the pellet stove. I am thankful I love to do crafts as it helps with the cabin fever I have been feeling. Otherwise I would be bored. As much as I love to knit, crochet and rughook, I am looking forward to spring and gardening.  What crafts do you do to chase away cabin fever?