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Word on the Street-Cool Summer Patterns


July 16, 2015

Cool Summer Patterns. 

I am always looking for unusual knitting and crochet patterns. I came across this month’s pattern on Etsy. It’s from a shop that’s simply called pdf PatternDesign.  And it’s just that, digital crocheted patterns that you purchase and download.  The banner of this  shop has the name Sophie and Me which upon reading Ingunn’s “about” page, I learned that she changed the name of her shop to Sophie and Me and Sophie is the name of her manikin, her dress doll! Sophie is about 3 years old, and is an important part of her work with crochet patterns, as there are no children in her neighborhood. Ingunn is so talented and it’s apparent in her designs and patterns. The patterns are very detailed with lots of pictures. When I first looked at the pattern it seemed overwhelming but as I got further in, I realized that every step is illustrated making it impossible to get stuck, even for a knitter like me who has a hard time following crochet patterns. After making my first pair of shoes,IMG_1782

I immediately ordered the pattern to make the soles with rope


Again, brilliant pattern and idea!
I am addicted to making these summer shoes. I have made 2 pair. On the second pair, I purchased a ready made insole and glued it in, even though there are instructions on making your own. Now I just have to add one of my custom labels to them.







Labels from your photos

Last week I had a customer contact me about making a crocheted themed label using a dog. She sent me pictures of her dogs so that I could get an idea of the kind of dog she wanted on her label. Imagine her excitement when I told her I could incorporate her own dog into the label. Below is the picture of her dog and my final design.


Custom design is my specialty. I love to take customer’s ideas and bring them to life. Labeling your finished projects is so important, whether it’s for an heirloom or to sell. It’s the perfect final touch for every project .