Tiny Sweater KAL Week #6


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Download pattern here SkiSweaterpattern




 Ski Sweater image-20-01-16-03-59



Sweater is approx. 3″ tall


  • Size 2 Double pointed needles (set of 3)
  • Sport Weight, dk, lace or DMC #5 pearl cotton weight yarn.
    30 yards for main color, 3 yards of white, 2 yards of teal.  Yarn used in sample is Lion Brand Bon Bons
  • miniature doll coat hanger or Large paper clip to make your own coat hanger.
  • large darning needle


st= stitch

inc.= increase. Increases are made by knitting in front and back of stitch.

dec. = decrease

ssk = Slip, slip, Knit

st st = Stockinette Stitch



Cast on 34 stitches and divide onto 2 needles, 17 sts on first needle (front of sweater) , 17 sts on second needle (back of sweater)

Join, knitting in the round on 2 needles, using a 3rd needle to knit the stitches.

Rounds 1-2: k1, p1 across

Rounds 3-14: knit in main color

Divide for sleeves, working on first 17 sts only
Row 15: K 17
Row 16: P 17
Row 17-23: Work 7 rows of fair isle chart , reading right to left on knit rows and left to right on purl rows. Break yarn
Join Yarn on last 17 sts and repeat rows 15-23 to match front.

Join Front to back again and knit in rounds

Round 24: Knit

Round 25: *K2 in main color, K2 tog in teal, repeat from *

Rounds 26: Knit

Round 27: *K2 in main color, K2 tog in teal, repeat from *

Rounds 28 and 29: K1, P1 across

Bind off all sts in ribbing.

Pick up 14 sts around arm hole and divide onto 2 needles and knit 2 rounds with white.

Knit 7 rounds with main color

Next 2 rounds: k1, p1 across

Bind off all stitches in ribbing and repeat for second sleeve.


Weave in all ends and stitch up any holes under the armhole.

Add miniature coat hanger and hang on tree.


Here is a video I found on You tube to make your own coat hangers out of large paper clips: