Week#38 Tiny Sweater KAL -Fall Colors


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Size 2 Double pointed needles (set of 3)
Sport Weight, dk, lace or DMC #5 pearl cotton weight yarn. 15 yarsds of 4 different colors.
Color A = Brown
Color B = Yellow
Color C = Orange
Color D = Green

miniature doll coat hanger or Large paper clip to make your own coat hanger.

large darning needle

Download pattern here 38-FallLike

st= stitch
pm= place marker
sm = slip marker
inc.= increase. Increases are made by knitting in front and back of stitch.
k= Knit
p= purl
k2 tog. =Knit 2 stitches together
st st = stockinette stitch



Here is a video I found on You Tube to make your own coat hangers out of large paper clips: